The beginning…August 2009 God rocked my world… (from 3/19/11)

**This is the letter I sent out after God clued me into His vision for my life**

I serve a BIG God!!  And I serve a God who desires to use His children in BIG ways.  When I started this adventure to help out with orphans in Uganda, I thought it would be a cool experience, but nothing that serious.  This big God has decided to use it to make me very serious.  I have been somewhat floundering through life lately.  Traveling, working enough to be able to do the playing I wanted and not taking much of life very seriously.  I haven’t had a real passion burning and controlling my life.  Well, that is changing.  This most recent trip to Uganda has opened my heart and my world to new BIG possibilities. 

Most of you know that I love kids, love to play and I think of myself as a big kid.  You also know that I love camp; I mean I still go to camp every summer.  Sure I say I’m working, but that is just so I can get away with going to camp as a grown-up.  =)   My trip to Uganda in January was a joining of these two loves in a new way, for Ugandan orphans.  It was such an awesome opportunity to give those children a week of uninhibited play time where they could encounter the living God that loves them so much.  It was an awesome trip and experience!!  I came back home impacted, but nothing extreme or anything.  I got hooked to go back to Uganda this summer.  Initially to help lead, but it ended up I was just going as another member of the team.  I almost pulled out when I realized they didn’t really “need” me on the trip, but God provided funding and I thought it would be cool to go back again and get to see some of the kids that were at camp in January, so I went.  God will use whatever it takes to fulfill His purposes.  I just saw that in a study of Acts that I’m doing, where God uses Gamaliel to get the Sadducees to let the apostles go.  He wasn’t a believer of the Way, but he was used by God to fulfill His purposes for the apostles.  I am learning this personally through what God is doing in my life now.  He has a purpose for my life and He needed me to go on this trip to reveal it to me.  The full story is long and I would love to share it, but it is a bit much for a letter.  Anyone who wants more, call me. 

So, I have just returned from Uganda for the second time.  This trip gave me a better understanding of Children of Grace and Mary Ann McCoy its founder.  I was able to see the entire process for a child to obtain sponsorship, to how medical treatment is taken care of, to where a lot of the kids go to school.  I got to hang out with Mary Ann and see her heart for where this all came from, which was truly amazing!!  The trip was wonderful!!  I had a great time again, and again I returned impacted, but not transformed.  Well, I think God knew I needed the time and space to be able to process this transformation He had in store, so He waited until I returned home.  The weekend after I returned, a full 4 days later is when Jesus and the Holy Spirit started talking to my soul.  I have had God revealing things to me that are way beyond what I could imagine or hope on my own.  I see Him preparing me for things that I have never even considered before.  He is still very much in the process of revealing His plans to me, but a few things I know for sure. 

I was told that camp this coming January was in question because of funding.  The first thing I know for sure is that God wants this camp to happen and He wants to use me to make sure it does.  He has given me a vision and a desire to be a bridge between Danville, California and Jinja, Uganda.  There is no reason why we cannot provide camp for these kids, and I will even say that I think it is totally unacceptable for us to use the economy or money as an excuse.  These kids need to experience the gift that camp is in one’s life.  And we have plenty of money and/or connections to get the costs of camp covered.  I am going to make sure that happens, by the grace of God. 

Recently, God has brought people into my life, who have been encouraging me where they saw strengths that I haven’t necessarily been using for the Kingdom.  I have been affirmed by several people along the way of certain skills and giftings that I have that may make me a good leader for camp or a team.  The second thing I now know for sure is that God is calling me to settle in and lead the team who will be doing camp this January.  I am excited to step up to the plate and see where God leads our team.  It will be such a gift to organize and bring together resources to bless these children and then to be able to go over there and actually be the hands that God uses to bless them.  I am so excited to get back there!  I am excited to meet the next group of kids that will become my family in Uganda and to work alongside my friends that I have made on my last 2 trips. 

I wanted to send out a letter to my friends and family that have supported me through all the crazy things I’ve done up till now.  I wanted to say thank you for that love and support.  I am who I am and where I am today because of all of you.  And now as I realize that God is at work in a really BIG way, I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.  I want you to go on this ride with me.  I want you to see why I am so excited about Uganda because I have a feeling this is just the beginning.  As God reveals to me more and more of what He has for me I realize more and more how much I need you all in my life and how much I will need your support as I move forward.  I ask now that you would join me in prayer for Uganda, for the children there, for the COG staff, and for whatever God’s plan is for me in all of this.  Thank you thank you thank you!!  I know I can never say it enough.  I love you all! 

May this BIG God reveal Himself to you as He has for me,

                                                               Kindri =) <><