It’s happening…(from 7/24/11)

Wow!  Crazy when you talk about something and dream about something that you sometimes forget how big it all is.  I finally received back the confirmation of my corporation status from the state.  This just became very real!!!  I became a small business owner overnight, the founder of a non-profit organization.  This is HUGE!  I need to take a minute and surrender.  Just yesterday God was reminding me in another area of my life how much I need Him.  As I sit with an application for 501c3 status in my lap, I realize yet again how big this is and how much I don’t know.  I turn to Christ and humbly thank Him for wanting to use me and BEG Him to give me wisdom.  I guess we’ll see what I’m made of now as this is all reality instead of just a thought.  Thank you Jesus for the work You have done, are doing and will continue to bring to completion until the day of Your return.

It’s official… ABUNDANT LIFE MINISTRIES UGANDA!!  A huge step forward in this dream!  Thank you Jesus!