January 2014 Update 9

Pringles…who knew that was all the girls needed to be really REALLY happy!! ¬†We stopped for water and I grabbed a couple tins of pringles and you would have thought I hung the moon ūüôā

The rest of the drive was restful for the girls!! ¬†We made it back super quick!! ¬†You never know what traffic will be like going through Kampala, but Mike knew all the short cuts. ¬†We made it to Entebbe by 5:45 and they can’t check in until 8 for their 1130 flight. ¬†I planned for us to do dinner in Entebbe, but didn’t really know of a place. ¬†So what else to do but google it. ¬†We found the listing for Fase 3 and the reviews sounded good. ¬†We found it and by the view, we could tell it was going to be awesome!!

There were very few people there when we arrived, so we got a sweet round table our on the back porch. ¬†The view was breath taking of the lake. ¬†And we could literally see the airport. ¬†It is probably 5 minutes away. ¬†Ugandan¬†restaurants generally take 3 hours to serve meals anyways, so we are there just in time. ¬†The restaurant also has wifi, so the girls are able to check in on Facebook and insta. ¬†The reality of home is kicking in though. ¬†Madi is asking to stay longer. ¬†We joke that we could say there was something wrong with her passport again to give her a few extra days ¬†ūüôā
Our dinner is long and leisurely.  We are able to charge all our electronics.  The food was really good!!!  And we finished it off with ice cream!! Yum!!  The bathrooms were a big positive too!!  They were so nice, they had washcloths to dry your hands with!!  Tarah took a sponge bath from the sink and lost 3 layers of color!!  The sunset towards the end of dinner!!  BE-A-UTIFUL!!!  I love this place!!
Around 8 we start to gather our things and the girls go for one last nice potty stop. When we arrive at the airport we have to actually repack their luggage into the bins.  (They have to get back home for the Sintaro team to bring back)  Once everything is packed up we drive our trolleys up and head inside.
Fun fact…only ticketed passengers are supposed to enter the airport. ¬†We had issues with the girls not flying with me because I had purchased the tickets with my CC, and the airline wanted to see it. ¬†I figured the same would be true here, so I went in with the girls. ¬†I didn’t mention that I wasn’t flying, I just showed them my passport like the others. ¬†I got them all checked in and up to the last point. ¬†After saying goodbye, I headed back to go out to the car and I got fussed at big time by the head of security. ¬†Whoops!! ¬†They did let me out after a good talking to and now Cathy, Mike and I are headed back to Jinja.
I will continue to send¬†updates¬†on my time in Jinja ,but probably when big things happen. ¬†I know I will be meeting with my lawyer and finalizing our corporation paperwork. ¬†The land that we found in September had a lot of complications and finally the landowners set their price much higher than we thought reasonable and so we are back at the start. ¬†Jolly (the lawyer) has heard of another big piece of land out toward Bujagali Falls (where everyone white water rafts from). ¬†That could be really pretty, but it could also be a bit expensive. ¬†Please continue to pray for wisdom and God’s leading. ¬†He has been so faithful to clearly close doors along the way and with each new piece of land we are learning more and more. ¬†I will also have time to spend networking and meeting other missionaries in the area. ¬†I am really excited to have time just to spend building relationships with those the Lord has already brought into my life. ¬†I am dying to see my boys too!!! ¬†Vicky is coming to Jinja this weekend and I am PUMPED!!! ¬†Please pray that God would bless all of my relational time. ¬†I am still coughing a ton from my first sickness. ¬†Please continue to pray for healing. ¬†I hope with some time to rest my body will recover fully!
I am thankful for your partnership!!  Your prayers and support are more important than you know!!!  Thank you!!  Sula bulunge!!  Good night from Uganda!!