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I love to share what God is doing while I am in Uganda.  I have had many share their enjoyment in my writings, plus they will give you an idea of what camp looks like, if you are interested.  These are from our first official ALMU camp that we did for His Hope Uganda in January 2013.  ENJOY!!

January 2013 Update #1

January 2013 Update #2

January 2013 Update #3

January 2013 Update #4

January 2013 Update #5

The first team for ALMU returned mid May from serving the people of Uganda around the Jinja area.  Click the link below to read the newsletter from that trip.

May newsletterPDF

January 2012 we had a team through Children of Grace that ran a week of camp.  See the link below for our newsletter from that trip and other updates.

Jan 12 Newsletter PDF

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May 2014 Update 8

Hey all!!  Thank you for joining in the journey back to Jinja.  Everyday I am thankful for all those God has invited into this crazy thing of camp.  I pray that you are finding yourselves falling more and more in love with the person of Jesus through this journey.  Erin, Stacey and I are all home and catching up with life.  Please pray for our transitions back and for open doors to share the stories God has given us.

Kimi, my Canadian friend in Uganda who we’ve run camp for twice now, sent an update letter out to her support team and I wanted to share a portion of it with you.  She beautifully puts into words the struggle in Uganda and the goal of presenting people with the hope of Christ to a hopeless people.  I hope you enjoy.  It is from a much longer email if you would like to hear more, I will gladly send the full email on.

I am already planning my next trip if anyone is interested in joining me, it looks like it will be toward the end of August.

Emikisa blessings,                                                                                                         Kindri 🙂 <><

From Kimi…

One thing I see in Uganda that I don’t see in the Western world is a desperate need for hope. When life is a struggle like it is here, people need to find hope in someone. Here, without hope there is no way to survive. In Canada, it’s hard to recognize our need for hope even though it’s there.

Over the past five years, we have been helping people find hope. We have seen lives changed and lives saved. For some people, hope looked like an education that would’ve otherwise never been possible. For others, a safe place to live. For many, it looked like the knowledge that somebody cares. For other people, it looked like life-saving medical care. For Edwin, and so many others, it simply looked like love. For the woman at the hospital, it looked like a Bible.

For Mama Fayima, who we visited on our first week of visits in February, hope looks like all those things but more importantly it also looks like something else. As she shared her problems with us through tears we shared with her the possibility of a greater hope. And as we left her that day, she not only had a huge smile on her face, she was filled with a hope in Christ. One that doesn’t guarantee life will be easy but one that guarantees that she will never be alone. One that gives an abundance of love, joy and peace. A hope that lasts.

That is the hope we believe in sharing, one that only He can give.

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