About us…

Mission:  A ministry dedicated to bringing the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the youth of Uganda to positively impact the community through building up students who will live changed lives for Christ.  By the power of God, we will affect change in the lives of students through education, team building, leadership training and spiritual enrichment.

Purpose: Uganda is in a unique place in history where its youth can drastically change the course of their future as a country.  We want to empower youth so they will take full advantage of the opportunity in front of them and return Uganda to its full potential as the Pearl of Africa.  


We start with the basics at camp trying to fill the gap where the school system is lacking.  We are using a Life Skills Program to educate about…

*Puberty          *Reproduction          *HIV/AIDS/STD’s          *Communication Skills         *Relationship Skills                   *Decision Making Skills          *Future Planning          *Goal setting          *Role Models

Team Building

We use team competition and games to help the students learn how to work together, principles of sportsmanship, and to develop leadership.  The students participate in sports, dance, and games throughout camp to earn points for their families.  Learning through fun helps our life lessons stick!  The family groups rotate through all camp activities together to form strong bonds between campers and staff, creating mentoring relationships.

Leadership Training

We will use individual and team challenges to help shape the character of the students who come to camp.  They will learn to face fears and other challenges to find strength in community, themselves and Christ to accomplish their goals.  They will learn to believe in themselves.

Spiritual Enrichment

Jesus Christ is the central focus of our lives and camp.  He is the driving force for all we do and are.  Students are invited into relationship with Christ and a richer and fuller life through Him.  Everyday has times of focused worship and Biblical instruction.  We have quiet times in the morning as well as small groups and each student receives a Bible when they arrive at camp.

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