The start


                Kindri Van Puffelen CEO

About me…

Born in Denver, Colorado, raised in Danville, California, alumni of Auburn University’s School of Nursing in Alabama and world traveler. I fell in love with Christ as a middle schooler and gave my life to Him at a camp in 1992.

Over the years, I have attended or worked at over a dozen different camps, from camper to counselor in training, kitchen crew, counselor, activity director, and most recently camp nurse.  I have seen the power of God work in supernatural ways in camp settings.

In January of 2009, God first brought me to Uganda with a ministry called Children of Grace.  I was part of a team putting on a camp experience for AIDS orphans.  I have since fallen in love with the people, the country, the culture, and feel called to bring the love of Christ and my experience in the camping world to the youth of Uganda.

Abundant Life Ministries Uganda was born out of my passion for Christ and camp.  In July of 2009 I went to Uganda for my second time and heard that the camp ministry I was a part of just 6 months earlier was potentially being cancelled.  I was floored, and the reason…camp is expensive.  Who am I, as a well to do American from the San Francisco Bay area, to say that we can’t afford to run camp for AIDS orphans in Uganda???  This was the question the Lord used to drive me into action.

Initially, I returned home to help fundraise for Children of Grace, so that camp could happen the following year.  In the process, I was invited to facilitate camp that year.  Two years later and I have facilitated 3 camps and started a non-profit so that I can move to Uganda and run camps for any youth I can get my hands on.  It is crazy how God works, but I truly believe that He desires for each of His children to have life abundantly and this is a part of what that looks like for me.  God has built me to do camp and He has given me a vision to bring the gift of camp to the youth of Uganda.

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