– Just as Christ’s church is the people who make it up and not the building, Abundant Life Ministries believes that camp is going to be about the people who make it up. The first phase of developing ALMU, will be building the community of camp; networking with ministries and churches in the Jinja area who will to partner with us.


– God works through His people.  ALMU knows that it is going to take an army of supporters to accomplish all that God has in store for us.  As we develop community in Uganda, we will also develop a community of partners in the US who will join us in this adventure by giving of their time, talent and treasure.


Five Year Plan– Each year we hope to partner with a new group and facilitate a camp program for them.  2011 one week of camp, 2012 two weeks, 2013 three, and so on.  By 2016, we could run 6 weeks of camp, potentially more, if we work with organizations big enough to fill multiple weeks.

IMG_0001Ten Year Plan– Our greater vision does include a property.  We hope to be able to purchase and develop a facility that will allow us to grow our camp programs.  Climbing wall, ropes course, sports fields, swimming pool.  By building the clientele of camp first, we will already have the campers to fill the facility once it is built.

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