What a small world… (from 6/8/11)

Okay, God you are so cool!!  I am in Savannah for my annual visit of the family before I head up to Alpine for the summer.  Sunday we are having lunch and I get to sharing with my cousin’s mother-in-law (Laurie) about things in Uganda and my plans for the future.  Well, her church just happens to be involved in Uganda because they are actually under the diocese of Uganda (okay an american church under the church of Uganda-now that is weird enough), but then she starts sharing with me about people from her church and the Savannah area that have been involved over there.  I make a few new friends on the FB of course and Laurie connects me with a couple that live here.  Tuesday morning I go over to meet Carol and Clark, who just returned from Uganda on friday, and we visit for 3 hours, trading stories and plans and dreams.  In the midst of the conversation, I say something about my church at home and Carol starts asking about our pastor…you’ll never believe it, but Carol met the missions pastor from my home church in Danville in the Entebbe Airport back in October.  God is so cool!!  The minute you start to think it is too big or you’re all alone, He reminds you that you are part of a bigger plan, a family, and He has you right in the palm of His hand.  Gotta love that!!  He is SO GOOD!!!